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Our approach

IGH coordinates a client's clinical and allied healthcare needs, using world class multidisciplinary professionals and friendly client focussed concierge services to establish the optimum healthcare plan. 


IGH has access to world-leading expertise including gastroenterologist Dr Graham Radford-Smith, mental health professional Dr Matthew Evans, as well as a qualified dietician and experienced IBD nurses and support staff.

Integration of the clinical care with allied health and support staff is critical to deliver the best possible gut health plan for clients. At IGH, joint team meetings are held regularly to ensure communication between clinicians and staff to ensure the client's total healthcare plan is achieved successfully.

A key component of the IGH multidisciplinary team is the IGH Concierge, which is an experienced gut health nurse or healthcare professional that will be the client’s primary point of contact. The concierge will assist in coordinating meetings, answering questions and helping with pathology and support activities.


It is recommended that clients of IGH enter a 3 month induction period when joining IGH.
The induction is specifically designed to establish your personalised base-line status and allows the client and the IGH team to establish a plan to improve gut health.

The IGH Induction is critical to developing a strong partnership between the client and IGH, testing different protocols and activities alongside clinical and molecular biomarkers.

The 3 month iterative process is expected to provide, clear evidence-based results and guidance towards the best solution for your gut health.

At the end of the IGH Induction, clients will have a personalised gut health plan that they can take with them, or stay with IGH as a member. IGH membership give clients access to the full suite of services developed by IGH, including the concierge support and online portal.


As a member of IGH, clients have direct access to a single point of contact for all inquiries, questions and information. The IGH Concierge service also provides the client with support to arrange meetings, follow up with information and prescription services.

Client support is also provided through a fully integrated IGH Portal. The portal provides 24/7 access to the client's own health data, analysis and personalized IGH plan. 

The portal is a highly secure repository of all of the client’s gut health information based on technology which has been used in clinical centers around the world. The personalized health data is owned by the client but available to physicians and healthcare professionals to improve delivery of integrated gut healthcare.


When you join IGH, you will have access to the expertise of Dr Graham Radford-Smith and other Key Opinion Leaders, in the management of your condition.

You will also have access to the IGH Concierge service that provides direct access to an experienced gut health professional to help you coordinate visits and scripts.

IGH can offer the latest evidence-based technologies and solutions for gut health.

Finally, IGH Members can establish a personalised gut health data record within the IGH Portal. As clients of IGH, this data is owned by the client and is open for review and discussion with your healthcare professional network.