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  • Interested in participating in our IBD and diet research study?
    If you have mild to moderate IBD (Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis),
    are located in the Brisbane region and are interest in participating in the study
    please contact the Concierge for more information.


Centralised integration of multiple healthcare solutions


Tailored healthcare plans that align with our client's lifestyle and goals


Clients can use the Client Portal or talk to the IGH Concierge


Coordinated care provided by world-leading multidisciplinary team

Our Approach

For those with inflammatory bowel disease achieving and maintaining a healthy gut is best achieved by integration of physicians, health professionals and support staff. At IGH we aim to enhance the way clients engage with their healthcare by establishing a partnership with IGH and developing personalised treatment plans to achieve their targets.


Patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disorders often see several healthcare professionals on the journey to effective gut health. IGH coordinates this care with a client focused portal where clients and healthcare professionals can review results, discuss options and agree on the best path forward.


At IGH we work with the client to integrate various gut health solutions to the client’s needs and health goals. The objective is to establish a sustainable plan that matched the client's lifestyle.


Sometimes clients just want some some feedback on what to do when they are feeling poorly. IGH members have access to an experienced gut health concierge that can be contacted to discuss the their particular needs and coordinate IGH healthcare appointments.


Globally recognised as a Key Opinion Leader for gastroenterology, Dr Graham Radford-Smith leads the integrated gut health model using the latest evidence and data-led healthcare solutions to achieve world’s best practise clinical care.

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Integrated Gut Health

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Referrals can be received via Medical Objects, fax or email

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Our Healthcare solutions


Coordinated by Dr Graham Radford-Smith, the client’s clinical care will access the latest evidence-based solutions from around the globe.

Dietary Advice

Recognised as a key component to achieving quality gut health IGH offers a dietary plan coordinated by qualified dieticians which align with the client’s other healthcare solutions.

Emotional Well-being

Chronic gut conditions are difficult to live with, often putting a strain on the client’s happiness. IGH works closely with a select group of mental health professionals to provide an avenue for mental health alongside gut health.

Integrated Solutions

IGH members have access the world-leading technologies including the latest approved therapeutics, but also if appropriate therapies in clinical development.

Dr Graham Radford-Smith also has an active research team at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, and is well versed in novel technologies including microbiome and genomics.